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Tips for moving into a small apartment in Gurgaon

13. 9. 2019 08:30, FREANY, komentáře: 0/0

ÂAfter so many years of aiding customers, pack and unpack their items into Gurgaon’s notoriously small apartments, we’ve created a list of tips to help you greatly organize your little space.

Find out our ideas for shifting into a small Gurgaon apartment.

Employ below the bed storage

Purchase a tall bed frame or keep your current bed on risers to use the potential storage space below the bed. You can either use soft or flat boxes for storage to keep seasonal clothes, added linens, or other items that you never require often. People who are relocating to city for the first time might be stormed at just how minimum space they have in their new flat.

You can take help of movers like packers and movers Gurgaon, they can help you with Packing also.

Enlarge your windows

Pick advantage of natural light forcing in your windows to prepare your place feel larger. Hanging light-color, airy curtains and keep them open offers the room, an open feeling. You can also hang a mirror nearby to shine the outside look to develop an illusion of much space.

Use more magnets

Hanging large magnetic sheets all over your house can save lot of space in counters and cupboards. keep few in the bathroom to keep your hair clips, nail clippers and even makeup kits by joining small magnets to the backs.

In kitchen, you can prepare a spice rack that contains zero space by joining magnets to small jars of herbs and spices. A magnetic strip with the wall also works good for keeping knives without blunting their sharp edge.

Ditch the television

When you are downsizing and own a big TV or you don’t have one to start with, rather regard buying a projector. It takes no area as you attach it to the ceiling and needs a lot power to run. Easily mount the screen on the wall and roll it up if you’re done, or even project straight onto the ceiling.

Just ensure that you can change your entertainment room to get a clear, nice picture. In places like this neighborhood in Gurgaon, real estate area comes at a premium.

Hang things on command hooks

Soon make a closet space by hanging bags, hats, coats on command hooks. They won’t allow holes on your walls, so they are good when you are renting, and they are simple to shift when you change your mind on the set-up of your home.

Store cleaning materials on tension rods

Install a tension rod through the middle of the cupboard and hang some bottles of cleaning solutions with their spraying nozzles. By that method, you still have the whole bottom of the cupboard to store many products.

Tension rods are even better for closets, where they could keep scarves and belts or also act as a second rod for shorter pieces of clothing for if you have running out of space.


It will be better if you hire local Packers and Movers such as packers and movers Gurgaon Sector 23 , they can help you with Packing, Loading, Transporting, Unloading and Unpacking on your demand to your doorstep.

Things you must do after relocating into a new house

26. 8. 2019 07:35, mukesh, komentáře: 0/0

Moving into a new home can be one of the most exciting moments of life for you and your loved ones; as you are going to start a new phase of life in your dream home. However, at the same time, packing and moving your entire household items can be tiring, especially if you are moving for the first time and trying to handle your move without taking help of professionals.

As you will have to deal with several tedious things to do like making a moving checklist, comparing and hiring Ghaziabad Movers Packers (or in your area), finalising relocation day and getting settled into your new house and so on.

Once you have relocated safely in your new abode, but still there are multiple of pending tasks which must complete it quickly to get settle down easily in your new residence, as due to moving day stress many of us use to forget to plan and perform the post-move activities which at last results in more complicated problems.

We agree that you are quite confused about how you can decide and perform the essential tasks after relocating in your new residence, that’s why we are here to guide how you can quickly get settled in your new home.

Inspect your delivered containers: Inspecting your delivered boxes is one of the most crucial things you must check to verify any of your belongings are not damaged or stolen during transit. There is a very less chance of damage especially when you have compared and hired a reliable moving company like Movers Packers Faridabad, but still, if there is any sign of minor damage, you can claim for refund if you have purchased Insurance coverage from your Shifting company to be safe from any significant loss.


Deep Clean your home: Once you have shifted in your new home and checked all your delivered items, you must be eager to start unpacking and rearranging all your belongings without any delay but wait you must deep clean your home thoroughly. As your house is empty, you can clean your home perfectly; you can either clean your home by yourself, or you can call a local cleaning company to be free from handling hard work as you have already done many hectic tasks before relocation. After your new residence is cleaned, you must start unpacking your possessions to restart your life in your new dream home.

Check and apply for utilities: If you have not used for reconnection of utilities in your new home, then its perfect time to recheck all the utilities and apply for reconnection to avail all the essential services like electricity, water supply, gas agencies, internet service provider, etc. in your new home. Also, check if the water and electricity are running, but it is not working fine then call the electricians and plumbers to fix the problems, to be free from any discomfort after shifting.


Change the locks: After you are done with all the above-mentioned tasks make sure to secure your new house by replacing all the locks, especially if you are moving in a community which you are not familiar of previously. Depending on whether you have shifted in your pre-owned house or rented an apartment, you should take instructed step to replacing the locks to make safe and secure home for your family.


Meet your new neighbours: If your new house is fully prepared to welcome guests, now its perfect time gets introduced with your new neighbours to have new friends with whom you can make your life better at a new and unknown place. It’s challenging to deal with the stress of shifting in a new locality, in a new city or state. However, after meeting your neighbours and making friends, you can enjoy your stay in your new. So go and knock the doors of your neighbours and invite them for tea and coffee or housewarming party to have new friends at your new place.


How to quickly pack an overnight bag before Moving

22. 8. 2019 08:05, mukesh, komentáře: 0/0


Whether you're planning to shift locally, domestically or to any new country, it's evident that your move can be overdue due to numerous unknown reasons like bad weather, heavy road traffic, sudden accidents during transit, etc. When you have packed and all your essentials together, in the same lorry it becomes complicated if your goods arrive later than predictable time.

We understand that shifting with a massive number of things is a stressful job, as you will have to take care of your belongings by packing them entirely, as a single mistake can damage your valuables. However, at the same time, there are some essential items which can help you make your relocation more comfortable if it takes more time than your prospect.Â

One of the best ways to make sure you will not have to face any difficulties during transit is to pack a small bag which must consist of all your necessities required during relocation transit. This particular bag must be prepared according to your transit needs and first 2 - 3 days in your new home, if your belongings arrive late due to any reason.

Some of you may get disorganised due to insufficient knowledge about what to pack in the bag, which will help you and your dear ones to survive during your relocation and settling in your new home quickly.

Let's discuss what you should pack to make your overnight bag complete


At the time of shifting, remember to pack some of your extra clothes separately like two sets of nightdress, shirt, denim, a few pairs of socks and underwear, seasonal dresses. Try to pack those clothes which can help you to be safe of any difficulties for the first few days until your Pune Movers and Packers will not arrive at your new residence, and you have not unpacked your belongings.


ÂOnce, you have packed all your essential clothes next necessary belongings; you must pack for your survival is your toiletries. If you have to move for long-distance, you never know how long your move can delay, that's why until you unpack and rearrange all your items in the new abode, you must keep all your basic requirements close which will help be comfortable by maintaining your daily routine. The essential toiletries you must pack is – toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste, paper soap, perfumes, shampoo, hair oil, hand sanitizer, etc.

Essentials of Kids and Pets

If you’re moving with your kids and pets, you must pack their essentials in a separate bag, which must include extra clothes, their favourite snacks, and some toys to keep them engaged during transit. If you are relocating with pets, never forget to keep their food and water bowls close by and a few of their souvenirs, so that they don’t feel confused during the move.

Documents and Jewelry

Never make the mistake of ignoring packing your essential documents and jewellery properly; as it can be misplaced easily. That why you must pack them in the same bag so that you can relax all your valuables are safe while relocating.


Never overlook to pack all your medications and prescriptions, especially if your new destination is so far (outside your current city). It's always an excellent idea to prepare a small first aid kit, which must contain pain killers, allergy medicines, eye drops, etc. to maintain your health during the move.

If you have packed an overnight bag having all the necessities, it will help you to stay stress-free, as you will not have to worry about anything during transit and after moving in your new residence, even your items will be delivered at the right time. Always remember to pack an essential overnight bag before you start packing all your other items; by sorting out all the required belongings and keeping them nearby. Now you will be fully prepared to lock up your old home to enjoy your best quality time with your dear ones in your new dream home.

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