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autor:Stacy Harper (*..) 19. 11. 2020 14:09
nadpis:My Credit Repair Testimony
Life became worth living again just after my remarkable encounter with Kenstar Cyber Services. Low credit rating got my life messed up, leading to apartment eviction 6 months ago, car repossession and unending calls from creditors. I knew I got myself into such mess because of my financial recklessness and indiscipline. Unreserved gratitude to Kenstar who came in for me and got my credit repaired excellently, also raised my score to 748, eviction and car repossession removed from report and two positive trade lines added. Moved into my own apartment last week with a new car. I encourage everyone seeking credit repair to hit him on KENSTARCYBERSERVICES@GMAIL.COM/+15057387188.

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