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autor:Ruthie Scott (*..) 5. 11. 2019 09:24
Great gratitude and thanks to Bitcoinrecovery @ consultant DOT com very professional with handling recovery chargeback, I lost more than $34,475 USD to cyber scam trust me. I was scammed of my whole life saving lost i searched the web for solution in efforts to get my money back was when i read a review on B I T C O I N R E C O V E R Y (⍶) Consultant∙ COM an advanced chargeback platform designed for active retrieval of money lost to scammers because of their reliable and superior refund execution. They have shown to be leading with proven record of success, gains vary based on scam conditions including available data to prove your claims and other factors. Actually they did recover all my funds back, i hired the services by email or phone +one51six3411871 you can also hire them to get back lost bitcoins, money stolen from bank account, credit card and paypal inclusive. Thank me later

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