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autor:Kanseq (*..) 6. 2. 2019 14:36
All recommendations are fake, fake IDs fake pictures in which peoples claims that someone are the hacker

And they help them with money and they appreciate him/her on Internet. Western union sellers

Are fake they don't even knows the limit if they claim they send Western Union then ask them to invite.

you in their computer and ask them live proof instead fake pictures.

I'm Professional seller.

On Deep / Dark Web

Following products are available for business.

1. Selling cvv, fullz many country as: Canada,USA,Australia,UK...

2. Shipping Products

3. Drugs / Guns

4. Hacking tools / software

5. Fake Documents Passport / Driving License / Degrees

6. Online Record Change / upgrade


telegram= @kanseq_Deep

wickr= kanseq

Tor link= http://2ogmrlfzdthnwky.onion

* Položky označené hvězdičkou jsou povinné

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