Příspěvek, na který reagujete

autor:John Wilkins (*..) 2. 1. 2019 06:34
nadpis:get your money back
In January 2018 I lost 76000 Euro in a trade with USD/YEN, it were my broker who told me to do so.

I have since then try to get my money back, but today I still have not recover my loss. It was all of my saving money.

To be honest with you and tell you, that I don't have any money to pay bills anymore with this experience, because I only got a pension after 4 operations in my Spine.

I have contacted "Parker joas" on Skype for help and I have been able to recover some of my money and I hope I can get all my money back, because my financial situation is rather bad.

If you are in my shoes you can try him out for you recovery too .. he's legit a God sent helper

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