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autor:Norma Ward (*..) 14. 1. 2019 17:15
nadpis:How A Legitimate Lender Helped Me
How A Legitimate Lender Helped Me

Happy new year everyone, my name is Norma Ward, I am from Whitewood, Virginia. Have you been looking for a loan? Do you need an urgent personal or business loan? Contact Jennard Investments Limited with Contact number +1(484) 292-4513, he help me with a loan amount of $57,000.00, on the 4/1/2019 after been robbed of about $8,500 by a woman claiming to be a legitimate loan lender but today I am thankful to God for helping me meet this legitimate lender Mr Richard James Dyson, who has brought back happiness into my life. To everyone out there in need of a loan assistance kindly contact this company via email: Jennardinvestmentslimited@outlook.com. He is trustworthy and reliable.

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