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autor:Jessica Butler (*..) 13. 1. 2018 16:31
I shouted on my Husband and had a fight. The truth is I was into crack cocain and meth. We have a 6 years old daughter, I kept ego with him and had anger issues occasionally.He left me and waited for my call in station ,i didnt call that was last straw for him, he went to his hometown and blocked mine and my family members phone.He mailed for divorce and when i finally met him He said He will not come at any cost.He will raise our child at his own with his lone father (mom dead).I have cried for past 5 months realising my stupid nature.He has joined back his spiritual group and is searching for his job.this is the only setback i have got in my life which has shaken me to the core.He has left Facebook,his father tried to convince him but he is not listening.But i know i can do anything for him now,I got counselling from friend who told me to contact a spell caster by name Dr Gboko to help me. I contacted him both on mail: i contacted him on email: gbokospellsolutioncenter@outlook.com and watsapp +2348148267340 and explained my problem. He casted a spell both on my drug addiction and and getting my husband back. Behold to my greatest surprise within 24 hours my husband called me and made his way back home with my daughter. If you have any problem in life contact him he has the answers. Email: gbokospellsolutioncenter@outlook.com watsapp: +2348148267340

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