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autor:FRANK (*..) 26. 8. 2019 21:28

I FEEL LIKE CRYING AS I SHARE THIS TESTIMONY OF MINE Call me frank ...People of God i was recently laid off from a great job that was giving me food and shelter due to our bad economy . I registered on several job hunting sites and got busy fiinding another job. I came across several jobs but they didn't ...i then resolute to getting a loan online to pursue my long business dreams since i was having about $10,000 left from my savings and the entire cost for my business to kick off was billed at $50,000 which means that i needed $40,000 more to start this and i thought that going online would be better since most of them pose to grant loans at cheapest rate of %1 percent or less but i never realized that i was only digging my financial grave , low and behold i got brainwashed , deceived and even spell bound to sending all my left $10,000 to them for several fees , Omg , that was so heavy for me then because my family could barely feed trice delay after that incidence as we all grew lean and sickly . but i didn't give up as i knew that the worse thing that can happen to someone is to allow their dreams shattered due to a past failure , i told my lawyer and he advice specifically that there is a United State online based loan agency in the name of AMEIR MILLER LOAN AGENCY as they are currently offering loans now without any fear or problems simply because about 2 clients that he knows got loan from that firm as it is owned by a pastor , after hearing all this i prayed to God for his leading and also followed my lawyer's advice in which i applied but God actually showed his face as this God sent online loan agency granted me this loan funds within 48 hours without any form of problems or stories after i meant with their terms and conditions.indeed at an interest rate of %2.5 percent , ya all can go talk to them using these ameirmillerfinancialinstitute@gmail.com or ameirmillerclassicloaninstitute@yahoo.com , ameirmillerapprovedloans@usa.com God bless yall for taking out time to reading my message to the world .

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