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Greetings to every one reading these. Am maria diarz senior traditional doctor in charge of Dr Adelli healing products in USA. Well many of you should be familiar with dr Adelli principle of living a healthy lifestyle, to dose who don't know; it's simply maintaining an Alkaline phosphatase diet, to boast your immune system ; more of food that contains iron to help keep your body tissues strong. What ever the disease might be, just by using these dr.Adelli principles you are sure of getting your self cured. Nature has all the answers. Well after dr.Adelli demise few years ago his works still live on, nature still live on. All products to boast your immune system to help get rid of deadly disease like: HIV, Herpes, 1&2 ,cancer, Aids , Als, stroke , diabetes, gonorrhea general stds and chronic disease. We have them all. Place your order or need advice , within and outside USA. Contact: dradelliherbalhome@gmail.com OR whatsapp him +2348146240081, We will be glad to join you in the journey for healing and enjoy the best of life.

Dr. Adelli

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