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We at the illuminati initiation update invites you to learn more about our organization.
Untrue rumours about the illuminati is now well spread on the Internet and its quite embarrassing how low people would go to rub our organization in the mud or for other selfish reasons. we've come across numerous posts about ILLUMINATI:
Example: join the illuminati and get paid monthly, you will be given all money and Fame. Sell your soul for money. etc, etc.

We advise everyone to be very careful.
All the promises of money and fame are very enticing but know that the illuminati isn't a blood money ritual organisation.
The Illuminati doesn't pay you monthly or weekly. the illuminati's Thing is after initiation a capital money will be given into your career which you will use to change your life forever. The more you serve and show gratitude more your business, money and fame increases. But keep the most important rule, (LOYALTY)

You can reach us with any of this address.


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